Osram LED Consultant

Remote Expert

  • Client Osram
  • Tags General Retail

Osram has implemented the change from the classic light bulb to LED light bulbs.

Because the LED light bulb is more costly than the classic light bulb and also offers a variety of technical options. Thus, it is very important that the customer is well advised so he will choose the right illuminant. Furthermore, the well-known quality products and the cheap no-name products are placed in the same shelf at the hardware store. In order to provide a decent consultation situation, Osram uses LED experts, who explain the products to the customers and thus improve the sales process.

Ertecos solution for Osram is a “digital customer service”, that is brought to the hardware stores via video live stream. One LED remote expert is responsible for five hardware stores. The video installation is designed to be customer-friendly. The intuitive handling enables a quick approach with the expert. The success of the remote expert is indicated by a 90% purchasing rate after consulting the remote expert. The cost could be reduced to the previous cost and at the same time customer satisfaction and sales were increasing.

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