Vitra & Camper Pop-up Project

Digital Brand Lab / Art Basel live sell

  • Client Vitra / Camper
  • Tags Fashion Retail
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The Vitra & Camper Pop-up project was presented inside the Dome on the Vitra Campus and is based on the design by Diébédo Francis Kéré, a german architect. The cooperation between Vitra & Camper within the scope of this temporary setup served as field experiment, in order to test a new retail concept. Embedding the multifunctional presentation system into the pop-up architecture enabeled a multimedia-based orchestration of Campers‘ corporate claim and products. This was the first time the electrical power rail system Kimea P/L, developed by Vitra, was used.

The Vitra & Camper Pop-up project was awarded with the EuroShop RetailDesign Award 2016.



Fashion Retail:  the standard “stone” retail shops are currently facing the challenge to fully benefit from the possibilities and options that digital transformation provides. The unique user behavior on the homepage and in the online shop is well known and the conversion rate is usually lower than 1 %.  On the contrary, we do not obtain too much of business intelligence information about customer behavior and preferences within the standard retail shop.

Erteco’s technology enables the transformation of the standard retail shop into the modern Digital/Online experience shop using weShop’s framework. This brings the retailer the ability to measure and understand the needs of the customer and react respectively. The digital connection to merchandise planning and control management enables the end customer a fast product delivery even if the product is unavailable during the time the customer is physically shopping at the shop of his choice.

Should the customer like to get any additional information about the product after he has visited the shop or the shopping center – he has the possibility to contact his personal shop advisor per video. This possibility is accessible not only on the company’s website and in online shop as well as through downloading the app available for all mobile devices. Due to this that feature the consumer, can always Call-an-Expert to get his personal advice.

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