The modern bank branch

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A present topic for our financial customer is the expensive operation of stationary offices due to decreasing customer fluctuation in the particular branches. On the other hand it is impossible to always provide high quality services for the customer since required specialists are not always available in every branch.

The weBank concept from Erteco provides a solution that mostly requires only 10% of the previous business space, improving the feel-good factor and providing the possibility for high quality consultation at all times. The branch is comprised to offer the same services like a traditional bank branch while creating a more pleasant, lounge like atmosphere. The bank employee becomes the host and may bring in the relevant specialist to the customer consultation via live video call. The digital customer consultant is also available on the homepage and on all mobile devices and can assist the customer 24/7 with his questions and desires.

Based on the Erteco solution the financial customer saves up to 90% of his today‘s costs for the operation of the branches and at the same time increases the availability and quality of customer consultation services. By supporting the customer in his decision making process again increases business and customer satisfaction.